I’m Really a Superstar

I’m Really a Superstar IRAS

Author: Chang Yu

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1126 Zhang Ye's Divine Move! 8 months ago

Translator: LeggeEditor: Legge

Both sides were out to kill!
It was a game that became a heated confrontation!
The game had entered into the middlegame and almost half of the board was filled with stones!
Hu Liang 7-dan shouted, "Come on, Professor Zhang!"
A 5th dan pro cheered, "Destroy Peter!"
"Go, go! Bring it down!" Xu Han 8-dan roared.
Even Wu Changhe could not help but yell, "Go on! Attack!"
Although they knew that Zhang Ye could not hear them, the spectator room was still filled with loud cheers of support. They all knew that at this point in time, the battle had entered into the most critical stage!
Zhang Ye made a "diagonal move"!
Peter played a "stand"!
Zhang Ye followed with a "bump"!
Peter made a "bamboo joint[1]" with his stones!
Zhang Ye played an "approach"!
Chen Ying 7-dan remarked, "This is so intense! Both sides are locked in an intense struggle! Professor Zhang was the second to play and is at a slight disadvantage. But in terms of momentum, he's no worse than the AI. The flames of war

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