Pursuit of the Truth

Pursuit of the Truth PoT

Author: Er Gen

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804 Foreign Land 2 months ago

Translator: MogumoguchanEditor: DarkGem

The illusory projection that appeared before Su Ming was incredibly large. It clearly showed half the shape of the gourd. In fact, Su Ming only needed to cast his gaze on a single spot, and all the people and the objects in that place would immediately emerge in his head.
This sort of feeling was as if he was in control of this portion of the galaxy. Every life and every existence in the galaxy could not hide from him, appearing clearly before his eyes.
Even with Su Ming's indifference, once he noticed this, his heart trembled, and he showed disbelief. He suddenly came to understand the source of the True Guards' might. Besides their level of cultivation, the most critical factor to their strength was the ability to monitor the entire galaxy.
Anyone with this projection could basically be undefeatable.
He saw an endless number of white spots, countless stars, the four regions within Sinful Barren Lands, the four forces of power from the four Great True Worlds that were stationed in the galaxies directly corresponding to the four regions.
At the same time, he saw the Space Sealing Rune the bald crane spoke of just now. That Rune was like a long river that existed between th

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