Pursuit of the Truth

Pursuit of the Truth PoT

Author: Er Gen

4.5 (509 ratings)

1322 When One Harmonious Morus Alba is Destroyed, an Abnormality Will Definitely Appear 1 year ago

Translator: MogumoguchanEditor: DarkGem

The Vast Expanse was beyond Harmonious Morus Alba, and due to the existence of the gap, it filled the place with a large amount of aura from the universe beyond. It crashed against Harmonious Morus Alba's world and formed… the booming sounds that would never disappear.
In the gap was a huge ship. A figure could be seen sitting cross-legged at its bow. The person was dressed in a gray long robe, which had a toad with a dragon head embroidered on it.
That picture had never been seen in Arid Triad, Harmonious Morus Alba, or Dark Dawn as well as Saint Defier. It was a picture that did not belong to any of them!
The person dressed in the gray long robe was an old man. He had his head lowered, which hid his face. The only thing that could be seen was his long gray hair. He was only described as an old man because when anyone cast their gaze on him, they would sense the ancient presence coming from his person. It was the most direct feeling that would cause others to think he was an ol

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