Pursuit of the Truth

Pursuit of the Truth PoT

Author: Er Gen

4.5 (513 ratings)

1420 Epiphany of Wood 1 year ago

Translator: MogumoguchanEditor: DarkGem

Starlight scattered on the ground. Stars decorated the night sky and sparkled as if they were watching the ground. While in the village, Su Ming stood in the courtyard and cut wood. His expression was calm, and the cut firewood was placed neatly by the side. There was a clear distinction between his pile and the messy pile the old man had cut earlier.
The old man's firewood differed in size and breadth. Once he finished cutting, there were wood scraps all over the place. However, when Su Ming finished cutting all the wood, the size and breadth of all his firewood did not have much of a difference.
In fact, even the sound when he cut wood was very systematic. It was something different from the old man's. When midnight arrived, the door to the house behind Su Ming let out a creek. The old man walked out while wearing a jacket and his hands behind his back. He stood beside Su Ming and cast a glance at the wood Su Ming had finished cutting with the help of moonlight. He frowned then

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