Legend of the Supreme Soldier

Legend of the Supreme Soldier LSS

Author: Fang Xiang

4.2 (108 ratings)

172 The Beauty, Shang Xin 11 months ago

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The long distance passenger starship Luminosity entered the docking zone of planet Richie, and landed smoothly. Hatch 29 opened, and out came a large troop of well built men in black suits. Once they left the hatch, the men immediately secured strategic locations around the area. Their overbearing look drew more than a flew glances from the other passengers exiting through the other hatches.
There were already some people waiting outside, and they seemed to be very concerned of Robert’s safety. The area was crowded, and Ye Chong even noticed a few discreet guards in the shadows.
Duan brought Ye Chong along to meet the other party. Bai Linan had asked for Duan to take care of Ye Chong, and Duan decided that bringing Ye Chong along by his side was a better option.
The other party was here for a woman. The woman was around 25 years of age, her beautiful countenance was matched with a cold expression, and her chilling eyes looked as though they could see through anyone. She was tall and

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