Way of the Devil

Way of the Devil WoD

Author: Get Lost

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"Take me where these strange incidents occurred so that I can have a look," Lu Sheng cut to the chase. These supernatural beings were continuing to wreak havoc despite how tumultuous the situation already was.

If the Scarlet District had been behind it, there was no way it’d be something limited to such a small-scale incident, involving the disappearances of merely a few mortal men. That was utterly insignificant to the Zhen Family, and could even incur the royal family’s displeasure—the losses would be disproportionately greater than any potential gain.

"It’s just by the harbor outside the city," Ning San complied.

The two of them mounted horses and sped off. Xu Chui, upon hearing the news, also followed swiftly with some other men.

Travelling at full speed, they made their way around Mountain-Edge City for about an hour. Only then did Ning San stop by a small harbor by a patch of wilderness and flipped himself off his horse.

Following suit, Lu Sheng alighted as we

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