Way of the Devil

Way of the Devil WoD

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The Prime Devil Sect.

Liu Shanzi checked his luggage and inspected the parcels he was carrying on himself.

"Little Sheng's in solitary confinement and nobody knows where he's gone to or when he'll be back. When he's back out of solitary confinement, have him come straight to the alliance meeting and see if he can make it in time to participate in it."

He Xiangzi and two other disciples quickly acknowledged.

Presently, He Xiangzi enjoyed great respect in the sect. This was in spite of the fact that she was not the strongest; umbrella girl Yingying and a few new disciples who had joined subsequently were stronger than her.

But He Xiangzi was kind and patient. Regardless of the issue, as long as one approached her, she would do her best and spare no resources to help.

As time passed, she gained credibility as everyone's de facto Senior Apprentice Sister.

Compared to the mysterious first seat Lu Sheng, whose appearance was a rare event, He Xiangzi enjoyed much higher p

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