Way of the Devil

Way of the Devil WoD

Author: Get Lost

4.3 (491 ratings)

275 Destined Destruction (6) 4 months ago

Translator: XintuzEditor: Kurisu

Lu Sheng could feel pain, panic, hopelessness, and confusion being emitted through the eye.

"Hello," Lu Sheng said in an attempt to communicate with it.

"The pain…" a voice spoke in an unknown yet still comprehensible language through the crack.

"What are you saying?" Lu Sheng frowned. "Can you open the door?"

"Pain…" the raspy voice, neither male or female, repeated.

"Is there a way to open this door so I can get you out?" Lu Sheng said in a low voice, attempting again to communicate.


Lu Sheng stretched his hand and grabbed the door. He pushed heavily, but the door was surprisingly heavy. Even with his strength, it wouldn't budge.

The poison mist water still flowed steadily underneath his feet. This was clearly the source of the poison mist river, but his path was blocked by an odd door.

"I came here by accident and wished to find the source of this water. Could you tell me where it comes from? I cannot tell from this angle." Lu Sheng tried to as

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