Way of the Devil

Way of the Devil WoD

Author: Get Lost

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278 Destined Destruction (9) 3 months ago

Translator: XintuzEditor: Kurisu


There was a loud, dull thud despite Lu Sheng's hands not even connecting with the minotaur's. Both were forced to retreat.

"Secret Art: Forging Cloud!!" The black Qi surrounding Lu Sheng's body flashed and exploded into a mass of pale white flames in front of him. Chains made out of runes surrounding the flame shot out at the minotaur.

The deer-antlered minotaur's right eye flashed red and a raven flew out from it, pecking at Lu Sheng violently.


The raven grew as it flew towards Lu Sheng, its wingspan expanding to seven or eight meters. It almost blocked Lu Sheng's field of view with black feathers.

The pale white flame collided with the raven in an instant and both exploded into countless pieces of white embers and black mud.

"Die, worm!!" The minotaur took a few steps back to create some distance and clawed at Lu Sheng.

But amidst the mess of white ember

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