Way of the Devil

Way of the Devil WoD

Author: Get Lost

4.3 (491 ratings)

279 Destined Destruction (10) 3 months ago

Translator: XintuzEditor: Kurisu


A large suction force came from the gap.

King Shadow could clearly sense his Devil Essence being quickly reduced to less than a tenth of what he had had.

"Ohhh?? Interesting move. Very nice." He was a little astonished. Lu Sheng was the first one that he'd seen in all these years that could even briefly stop the absorption after being hooked.

Another half hour passed in the blink of an eye.

Lu Sheng seemed to have a new idea. He stopped the absorption process again, stood up, and took several steps back.

"Oh? Is he almost at his limit and trying to escape?" King Shadow was confused again.

But immediately, the scraping sound of blood and bones expanding echoed around inside the altar.

King Shadow could only stare as Lu Sheng's body expanded from the normal two meters to a monster seven or eight meters tall.

"That's better." Lu Sheng shook his horrifying croc

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