Way of the Devil

Way of the Devil WoD

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The benefit of having such a large form was obvious: Lu Sheng was able to absorb every single drop of Devil Essence in the altar.

Vast amounts of Devil Essence were refined by the fire of the Eight-Headed Divine Pearl into the purest Prime Devil Qi, nourishing all parts of Lu Sheng's body.

He could feel his power drastically increasing, but wasn't able to really tell by exactly how much.

There was a large chance that the Eight-Headed Divine Pearl possessed a power level equal to the Origin Power. Therefore, the eight Devil Bodies obtained from it would naturally be even more horrifyingly powerful.

Lu Sheng was at the level of an Upper Three Grades Holy Weapon Master. After his Yin Flame evolved to the Eight-Headed Divine Pearl, the tenacity of his body was strengthened to an extreme.

Plus he'd just absorbed vast amounts of Devil Essence from King Shadow. Despite the fact that King Shadow had been sealed away for

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