Way of the Devil

Way of the Devil WoD

Author: Get Lost

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283 Destined Destruction (14) 3 months ago

Translator: XintuzEditor: Kurisu

"So hungry..."

"So thirsty…"

If Lu Sheng had had a mirror in front of him, he would've seen that both of his eyes were emitting a clear green glow.

A glow filled with thirst and greed.

He was too hungry, hungry to the point where his vision was blurry, to the point where every cell in his body roared in anger, signaling a need for more Devil Qi, more food.

Breaking through to Devil Master and restructuring his body each required an immense amount of energy, and the only way to get that energy was through food.

Even before all this, Lu Sheng's appetite was ten times that of a normal human's. Right now, he felt like he could swallow an entire elephant.


He took a step, but didn't realize that his body had unknowingly bulged and turned back into his original form.


A pair of thick fleshy wings grew out of his back. On it were two eyeballs

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