Way of the Devil

Way of the Devil WoD

Author: Get Lost

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Translator: Deep_BlueEditor: Kurisu

Outside the hall, a ball of dark-red fireworks exploded without warning, forming a giant character for "blood".
In the Song script, the character for "blood" comprised many strokes. A total of thirty-six of them, each stroke looking sharp and fierce. It looked very much like Shangyang Family's distress signal.
"Why… why does this firework look exactly the same as Shangyang Family's Calligrapher distress signal? That's… that's not good, isn't it?" If any misunderstanding arose, would it not make things difficult with the Shangyang Family?
Liu Shanzi heard a sect master raising the question. In his mind, he was thinking the same way.
Zhao Zhi smiled and pointed at the skies outside.
"It's not over yet. Please watch on."
At those words, all the sect masters and the many disciples outside the hall regained their composure gradually. Given West Infinity Court's status, there was no way they would do something as meaningless as this. There had to be some reason.
As they reass

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