Way of the Devil

Way of the Devil WoD

Author: Get Lost

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Translator: Deep_BlueEditor: Kurisu

The azure blue sky was cloudless, like a large piece of flawless jade.
On the edge of that jade, some black dots were fighting with some colorful dots, and balls of colorful gas clouds would erupt every now and then.
Tens of thousands of meters high up in the air, Shangyang Jinshi's face was solemn. He was stepping on a giant white calligrapher's brush. All around him, inky black lines comprising entirely of symbols spun endlessly.
That was the protective field cast naturally by the Divine Weapon—in other words, the legendary Divine Weapon radiation.
"Where on earth did this Devil Spirit pop up from?" He gazed intently at the giant Devil monsters facing him. Black lines and marks encircled their bodies.
There were two Devil monsters, both of Divine Weapon Master Level. And they had appeared out of the blue in these skies.
"Fortunately, these should be clones, not real Devil Spirits."
Another Divine Weapon Master was standing on a massive jade maple leaf, his face solemn.
"Yet t

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