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Way of the Devil

Way of the Devil WoD

Author: Get Lost

4.67 (1,857 ratings)

398 Secret Battles (1) 4yr

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 "If you trust me… I could make the arrangements," the Wei River Sword said slowly.
 "You?" Lu Sheng narrowed his eyes. Even though the Wei River Sword was under his control, he did not trust the blade.
 "I'll handle this myself. There are only so many ways you could find a mole." He wasn't an uninformed person from this world. What had he not seen on the internet on Earth? Combined with how fast his brain worked, it should be easy to find the mole.
 "...Ok… But, in my opinion, whoever did this probably is planning to confront you judging by how crude their method was. You should prepare for that," the Wei River Sword warned in a low voice. 
 Even though he didn't know what the Wei River Sword wanted exactly, Lu Sheng wasn't naive enough to think everything would be over once he found the mole. 
 Over the next few days, Lu Sheng guarded his home. Using his father's illness as an excuse, he also started to examine everyone's health. With his influence combined with his position as

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