Way of the Devil

Way of the Devil WoD

Author: Get Lost

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He was not the only one. Zhang Chenshan also produced a similar purple pendant. He had intended to switch with Zhang Mu, but when he saw the scene before his eyes, he was immediately dumbfounded.
This skill was practically their strongest skill. They had never met a match ever since they created this skill. This skill would directly lock onto an area of dozens of meters and summon the gathered sword spirits to launch an indiscriminate attack. An attack such as this was already akin to Immortal Skill.
However, even with this skill, they could not do anything about Lu Sheng.
Soon enough, the purple curtain of swords slowly faded away. The gathered sword spirits were spent. If they wanted to unleash this skill again, they would have to gather new sword spirits.
However, Zhang Mu was currently in no condition to consider other matters. His Hundred-Spirit Qi was completely exhausted. He slumped on the ground, and could not get back onto his feet for some time.
"Forget it… I am old, aft

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