Way of the Devil

Way of the Devil WoD

Author: Get Lost

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455 The Second Column (2) 4yr

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"So, brother, although you look strong, even Elder Du has no intention of taking this risk. If you have a wife, children, or a man waiting for you at home, it's best if you don't join. I'll leave you with this. See you again."
The man folded his hands in salute, then turned around and left without dawdling.
Lu Sheng saw him pass through the walkway that was decorated with hung lanterns. He walked toward Mei Family's side door, and slowly disappeared in the dark.
As for the group in the Welcome Fragrance Court, other than receiving the daily supply of food, it seemed to have been forgotten. Nobody from the family ever came to check in on them.
Even when many of them left, nobody from the manor came to ask about it.
Lu Sheng could faintly make out some sounds from the other main courts. They seemed to be discussing the search for Mei Youjiang as well. It seemed as if they had searched the entire town and could not find her. Someone saw Mai Youjiang follow a fat man out of town and t

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