Thriller Paradise

Thriller Paradise TP

Author: San Tian Liang Jiao

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330 South Park (5) 1 month ago

Translator: LonelytreeEditor: Millman97

Five minutes earlier, at Stan's home…
Stan's mother, Sharon, was on the phone with a deeply concerned look on her face. "Please, I do not know where else to turn. The police haven't been any help. I think our boys might really in trouble this time."
The person on the other line also said something in return. Sharon then replied, "Yes… Yes… Please check and call me right back. Thank you."
After saying that, she hung up the phone. After putting down the phone, the expression of concern and worry had not left her face. Sharon could be considered one of the more normal characters in South Park. Therefore, after her son mysteriously disappeared, it was normal for her to panic, just as most parents would do in her position.
But… in this room, there was someone else who was not so normal, and that person was Stan's father, Randy, the god of crossing the line in South Park.
Randy normally dressed up in blue shirt. He had black hair that was parted down the middle and a small mustache on h

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