Thriller Paradise

Thriller Paradise TP

Author: San Tian Liang Jiao

4.6 (345 ratings)

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Translator: LonelytreeEditor: Millman97

"Hmm…" Feng Bujue replied calmly and then followed it up with a question. "I want to ask… as your intelligence matures, is it possible for high level Anomalies like yourself to master the technique of 'making jokes'?"
"Possibly," R2 replied, "but that is not a skill I have learned."
"Oh… okay."
The next second, he screamed, "Ah!"
After that scream, he continued with a few more screams. "Ah! Ah!"
"What are you doing?" R2 was confused.
"Expressing my panic." Feng Bujue took one second to return to normal.
"But your Terror Points are zero…" R2 answered.
"That's why my screams are as fake as a woman faking an orgasm," Feng Bujue replied.
"Erm…" There was so much in that answer that R2 did not know how to reply.
Feng Bujue waited for five seconds and then said, "Hmm… Looks like you really don't have something called humor."
That was yet another of Feng Bujue's tests…
"I've not been through a lot of scenarios from level two to four, so my completion rate in terms of personality i

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