Limitless LIM

Author: Sharp Knife

4.0 (171 ratings)

98 Fighting the Xiantian 11 months ago

Translator: Sparrow TranslationsEditor: Sparrow Translations

Chu Yu and Lord Chu headed north after leaving the Chu Clan premises.
Lord Chu seemed to want to test Chu Yu’s abilities. The moment they left the premises, he began sprinting. He shot forward like an arrow and disappeared from his original position in the blink of an eye.
Chu Yu chuckled and kept up with him.
He only stopped after running for more than half an hour.
Lord Chu felt heartened to see Chu Yu following closely behind
"You're really good!"
Chu Yu smiled, "Brother is great too!"
Lord Chu pursed his lips, even though he was naive, he wasn’t stupid.
He could tell that his cousin did not merely just recover, his abilities were no weaker than him, possibly even stronger!
He raised his thumb to Chu Yu, "You’re powerful! I am happy for you."
A simple man expresses his feelings equally simply.
He surveyed the surroundings, then whispered to Chu Yu, "It’s just ahead, no more than 10 miles."
As he spoke, he led the way whilst Chu Yu followed behind.
Just as the two men approached the area, Chu Yu’s expression changed instantly and he yanked Lord Chu backwards.
An unbelievably fast arrow brushed by Lord Chu’s face.
Only then did an icy sound echo through

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