The Legend of the Dragon King

The Legend of the Dragon King LDK

Author: Tang Jia San Shao

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101 Tang Wulin Returns 5yr

Translator: RuzeEditor: Ruze

The teacher for class one of the first grade was none other than Ye Yingluo, Ye Yingrong’s elder sister and the person whom Wu Zhangkong ruthlessly rejected.

Ye Yingluo nodded her head towards her younger sister. Her eyes, however, were involuntarily attracted to the person standing on the other side. She looked at Wu Zhangkong, her eyes a bit complicated.

A few days ago, she witnessed the battle between Wu Zhangkong and Guang Biao, and it had etched a deep impression in her mind.

But this didn’t wipe off the scar that Wu Zhangkong had left in her heart. Which part of me doesn’t deserve you?

Wu Zhangkong, just you wait. I’ll ensure your cheeks will be pressed against the ground, and I’ll make that arrogant coldness of yours disappear.

Wu Zhangkong felt as though someone was watching him from afar, so he turned around to look. Though Ye Yingluo’s heart was full of hatred towards him, she involuntarily tried to pose in her best position when he looked over at her.


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