The Legend of the Dragon King

The Legend of the Dragon King LDK

Author: Tang Jia San Shao

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He turned towards Gu Yue and said, “In the future, I hope that you will continue to experiment with fusing different elements. I’ve been carefully reviewing your martial soul all day, and I’ve concluded that the Elementalist martial soul is compatible with every element, but because none of these elements can be upgraded with a soul ring, they will never become powerful. You seem to have complete control of the different elements, which is a huge advantage in the beginning. However, as you cultivate to a higher level in the future, you will discover that you won’t have any powerful soul skills as a foundation. The soul rings that you obtain in the future will only be able to increase your control over the elements and the strength of your soul power.

“Under these circumstances, there is only one path to power for you. You need to be able to control more elements. This is an unprecedented path, however, when I saw you combine the earth and ice elements to trap Xie Xie today, I realiz

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