The Legend of the Dragon King

The Legend of the Dragon King LDK

Author: Tang Jia San Shao

4.52 (869 ratings)

274 Nice Acting! 3yr

Translator: RuzeEditor: Ruze

Student number six finally made his move, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Is this girl a comedian? How did she make it all the way to the eighth trial? Did she give up on all the previous trials? Does that mean she's just going through the motions of taking the trial now?

But when he thought of the guillotine trial, a shiver ran down his spine. No way, that trial isn't that easy! I can't underestimate her just because of how delicate and strange she looks.

A flash of light lit his surroundings and, a crystal ball, flickering with opaque light, appeared in front of him. His three soul rings moved to hover above it.

Tool martial soul: Crystal Ball.

"Crystal, crystal, deviate!" He shouted, ignoring the ice wheel in the air. It was just a slow plaything that posed no threat to him.

His first soul ring lit up and white filled his eyes. The crystal shone in response. Suddenly, Xu Xiaoyan's ice spear changed paths mid-flight and instead, flew toward the ice wheel that slow

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