The Legend of the Dragon King

The Legend of the Dragon King LDK

Author: Tang Jia San Shao

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Elder Cai was stunned. "Stop bullshitting! You're an old hermit without a wife! Where did you get a granddaughter from?"

Zhuo Shi snorted. "This girl is right. I don't care what you say. Today, I want all four of these children to join Shrek Academy. Don't forget the final score is decided by the three of us together. You say Gu Yue deserves one point, and I think she's earned at least four. That should give her enough to enter the outer court."

"Enough with your nonsense." Elder Cai's voice dripped with wrath. "We decided on this earlier. What are you trying to pull now? No, I refuse."

Tang Wulin lowered his head, a trace of doubt growing in his heart. That grandteacher sure changed his mind quickly!

"Then what will it take for you to accept?" It was obvious Zhuo Shi was not taking her stubbornness well.

Elder Cai eyed him, cold enough to freeze. "Have you forgotten why we're having Tang Wulin take a makeup trial?"

Eyes shimmering, Zhou Shi came to a startling realiz

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