The Legend of the Dragon King

The Legend of the Dragon King LDK

Author: Tang Jia San Shao

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Although Xu Lizhi stood off to the side like a harmless lamb, neither Yuanen Yehui nor Yue Zhengyu dared look down on him. The reason was simple. The badge on his belt that spelled out 'Shrek Academy' was red. They both understood the significance of that color. That was the mark of an inner court student! He was one of the geniuses who stood at the peak of the continent, destined to become a battle armor master!

Tang Wulin didn't question any of his three friends, simply nodding at them instead. "Alright. I'll lead the team then. Xie Xie is our only agility-type. We have three assault-types: Yuanen Yehui, Yue Zhengyu, and me. Yuanen Yehui will be positioned in the center, and Yue Zhengyu and I will support her by her side. Gu Yue will support me with control and ranged attacks. Last but not least, Xiaoyan will be our backline fire support."

Everyone nodded, not a spark of dissent present.

Since they were a seven-man team put together at the last minute, they must rely on brut

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