The Legend of the Dragon King

The Legend of the Dragon King LDK

Author: Tang Jia San Shao

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362 Charging Through the Tower 3yr

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As soon as it completely took shape, the illusory spirit pagoda faded away, and moments later, the hall was empty once more. Octagonal in shape, the hall had a diameter of at least three hundred meters. Tang Wulin's team of seven stood in the center of the hall. Eight doors, each ten meters tall and five meters wide, surrounded the students, towering before them.

"Yuanen, Zhengyu, triangle formation. Xie Xie, adapt to the situation. Gu Yue, Xiaoyan, Lizhi, stay in the center," Tang Wulin barked as he stepped forward to form one of the triangle's points. Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu immediately did as they were told and moved into position.

And three soul rings appeared beneath Xu Lizhi, all of them purple.

Tang Wulin was certain that Xu Lizhi only had two yellow soul rings the last time he saw him. Shock filled him as he realized that Xu Lizhi's spirit soul had ascended. He knew just how hard it was for a food-type soul master to have their spirit soul ascend, especially when

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