The Legend of the Dragon King

The Legend of the Dragon King LDK

Author: Tang Jia San Shao

4.5 (633 ratings)

1129 A Different Martial Soul Fusion Skill? 4 months ago

Translator: InsigniaEditor: Insignia

The Dragon Slaying Saber had turned golden in an instant. Nine giant dragons soared on the blade. Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi's body was also dyed in the same color. The Bear Lord's initially firm grip on the Dragon Slaying Saber loosened.
A circle of golden light ring burst forth from Tang Wulin's body. The dense bloodline aura and the gorgeous light ring instantly enveloped the entire battlefield.
Golden Dragon Rage Domain!
Faced with this expert who was most probably of a Limit Douluo's rank, he dared not slack off or hide his strength.
His Golden Dragon Rage Domain had greatly increased all his comrade's strength as he entered into his state of Golden Dragon Rage. The person who benefited the most was Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi.
The Demon Slaying Saber in his hands released an extremely pleasing ring. Sima Jinchi only felt a great suction force coming from the blade. To his surprise, it instantly sucked him in and he entered into his martial soul avatar's state again. Howev

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