The Legend of the Dragon King

The Legend of the Dragon King LDK

Author: Tang Jia San Shao

4.5 (545 ratings)

1187 Are You Surprised? 1 month ago

Translator: InsigniaEditor: Insignia

Tang Wulin smiled and said, "Hey you… are you surprised?"
Yue Zhengyu had already walked forward in quick strides to size Lan Muzi up and down at close range. He was afraid that he had mistaken him for someone else. 
"You're really not dead yet? Are you certain that you're not a ghost?" said Yue Zhengyu gaping and speechless. 
Lan Muzi was at a loss as to whether he should laugh or cry. He said, "Do you really want me to be a ghost so badly? I'm still alive and well. Don't worry, alright?"
Tang Wulin could not watch anymore. He apologized to Lan Muzi before he pulled Yue Zhengyu along as they entered the room. 
Inside, Long Yeyue and Wu Zhangkong were discussing the list of the first batch of students about to head to the Demon Island. Wu Zhangkong took the lead to stand up as he watched Tang Wulin enter the room, followed by Long Yeyue soon after. They bowed slightly and called out to Tang Wulin in unison, "Pavilion Master."
Yue Zhengyu had not paid too much attention when Lan M

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