The Legend of the Dragon King

The Legend of the Dragon King LDK

Author: Tang Jia San Shao

4.5 (647 ratings)

1351 The Qilin Douluo’s Story (Part One) 5 days ago

Translator: ZenobysEditor: Insignia

At the same time, the people were shocked and puzzlement quickly followed. Since he was a Limit Douluo already, if the Qilin Douluo was willing to render his services to the empire, the empire would have swept every heinous crime he had ever committed under the rug. This was something they were sure about.
However, he did not ask the empire to help him conceal anything. Instead, he lost this match in the Battle of Five Gods and it seemed like he would be giving up on his life as well.
Today's battle was truly interesting. The Qilin Douluo and Tang Sect's Sect Master fought so fiercely that the heavens and earth seemed like they had been overturned. However, true experts with cultivation bases of Title Douluo and above could see that Tang Wulin was still slightly away from the highest rank. If the QIlin Douluo was a real Limit Douluo and had he fought with his Limit Douluo's cultivation base, Tang Wulin would not possibly be a match for him.
However, he was already on the brink of de

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