Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System USS

Author: Lord of the Common People

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In Situ's view, Xu Que would be better off as their strongest and most ferocious soldier, not their military advisor. In her opinion, even if Xu Que's energy lost its effect, he would likely still be very powerful.
Judging from his swordplay from before, once he started to fight against the enemy, he would definitely win. A powerful man like him should not just be a military advisor!
However, Xu Que insisted on being the military advisor. He said that when he had revealed his identity as Zhuge Liang, he had already decided to be their military advisor.
In any case, Situ was not too concerned about this. Instead, she was worrying about something else.
"Hero Zhuge, you said that you could make the soldiers and horses in the city more powerful, does that mean that you have some special way to train them? Or are you going to teach them some martial arts? Still, that is going to cost you lots of time." Situ asked.
Hearing this, Zhuge waved his head and took out his feather fan and smil

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