Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System USS

Author: Lord of the Common People

4.5 (1,900 ratings)

880 Opening The Gift Bag Again! 6 months ago

Translator: Vicky_Editor: Vicky_

It was a horrifying battle.
Xu Que's act of toughness was fluid and effortless; it was so powerful that the mountains split and the earth shook!
Who else in the world was capable of that?
He battled hundreds of enemies alone as a lone cultivator at the Form Synthesis Stage; not only did he execute hundreds of Heavenly Humans at the Crossing Calamity Stage, he even wiped out two powerhouses at the Great Vehicle Stage.
Most important, Xu Que emerged unscathed from the battle. He quickly ended the fight within a few rounds!
"I...I feel like I'm living in a dream!" An Imperial Palace powerhouse murmured in horror. "It was just too unreal!"
"With such strength, it's no wonder then that he could stand by the Holy Senior's side!"
"In the end, we were the ones who gravely underestimated his ability!"
"Exactly! Moreover, what is this Exploding Heavens Faction? I've never heard of it!"
"Eh? Wait a minute, the Exploding Heavens Faction? Wasn't there a challenge letter sent by, let me thi

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