Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System USS

Author: Lord of the Common People

4.5 (1,898 ratings)

881 The Seal Is Lifted! 6 months ago

Translator: Vicky_Editor: Vicky_

Xu Que activated the Lucky Aura. He swept his gaze across the System parcel interface. The Big Mystery Bag immediately opened. A few beams of light shot out and nested into the parcel slots, then showed up as items:
High-Class Escape Emblem X 2
Random Shapeshifting Card: This item is a tool. It can generate all sorts of characters randomly, which will change randomly with time and generate 100 points of affection or animosity. The duration of this tool usage is four hours.
Ultra-Invincible Emblem X 2: Single-Use Consumable Amulet, withstands all attacks from anyone below the stage of an Immortal Cultivator, lasts for five seconds.
"Eh? This batch isn't bad at all!"
Xi Que's eyes lit up. While he hadn't gotten many items from this gift bag, every single thing in it was extremely precious.
He had obtained two High-Class Escape Emblems and two Ultra-Invincible Emblems. No matter how you looked at it, it was a windfall!
However, that Random Shapeshifting Card….
"What the h

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