Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System USS

Author: Lord of the Common People

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1122 Nirvana State 1 year ago

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Not dead yet? Xu Que thought.
What's this? Faking death or playing tricks with your Act Tough Saint? Xu Que thought.
Xu Que was instantly dissatisfied about that and glared at Fu Shanchuan.
Xu Que hadn't spoken but Fu Shanchuan immediately explained further, "Xu Fellow, actually Wu Shifeng is capable of a secret skill; it was an immortal inheritance from the Ancient; he could engage in Nirvana State and reborn continuously. If you had to kill him, you had to destroy his body. Otherwise, after every death when his body was available, he could awaken after a year or two, at the same time his strength and cultivation would have extraordinarily enhanced!"
"Oh? There's such a strong secret skill in this world?" Xu Que raised his brows.
Although Xu Que was expressing his doubts, he didn't felt that it was impossible; reawakened from death or reborn from bones, he had seen many like that. However, he didn't expect Wu Shifeng to inherit such secret skill!
Fu Shanchuan smiled bitterly, "I

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