Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System USS

Author: Lord of the Common People

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Bang! Bang! Bang!
Outside the exit of the Waste Realm, more than ten powerful Magic Arts exploded together; the flaming brilliance suffused and filled the sky.
Qin Xiangtian was an ace in the Later Stage of the Heaven Celestial Stage. Now, he was besieged by more than ten aces in the Heaven Celestial Stage. Although he was in a disadvantaged position, he was far from suffering a big defeat.
Qin Xiangtian was very strong. One hand held out as fist, one hand held out as palm, his foot moved according to the Eight Trigrams, his Celestial Core Power was gushing out from his body; his Celestial Core Power had transformed into a majestic taoist seal. His taoist seal was brimming with Heaven's power and it enveloped the entire area! 
"Qin Xiangtian, today's the end of you!" Dean Lin of the Dingtian Academy started his attack. There was a taoist seal suspended over his head similar to that of Qin Xiangtian; he was bloodthirsty and ferocious.
After all, the Dingtian Academy and the Litian

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