Stealing the Heavens

Stealing the Heavens STH

Author: Blood Red

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100 Palace Banquet 11 months ago

Translator: StackThatCoinEditor: Hitesh_

Amid the thunderous cheer of 'long live' that shook the entire Ji City, the slightly hoarse, tired voice of Yan Dan came echoed clearly throughout the city. "Today, we have been blessed with a great joy: Princess Zhang Le has formed her Gold Core. For that, I'll host a grand banquet in the palace. All members of Imperial Court are invited. Spread the news to the entire Great Yan with the communication array, I want all people of Great Yan to celebrate this moment together!"
He paused for a brief while, then continued saying, "I've been in a secluded cultivation for three years and paid no attention to the state affairs. Today marked the end of my secluded cultivation, and it has been greeted by the surprising news of Princess Zhang Le stepping into Human Immortal realm and forming her Gold Core. It is indeed a great sign that is worth a grand celebration. Three days later, the imperial council that is held every three days will be resumed, and I'll attend to every state affairs of either minor or major significance. I want no slackened behavior from all members of the Imperial Court. Prepare all important documents and scrolls related to these three years. I want them all prepared

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