Stealing the Heavens

Stealing the Heavens STH

Author: Blood Red

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101 The Grandmaster of Zither 11 months ago

Translator: StackThatCoinEditor: Hitesh_

Wu Qi lifted his buttocks slightly and separated them from his heels placed underneath. While in a semi-kneeling position, he carefully poked half of his head up, peering through the dark ocean of human heads and saw Qin Qingshui, who kept slamming his forehead onto the ground on the forefront of the grand hall. Perhaps driven by great fear, the sounds of head knocking against the floor was loud, even echoing out through the entire hall and filling their ears with buzzing noises. Very soon, a large patch of skin on his forehead was broken, and blood was seen oozing and flowing down his face. His long horse face had become ever uglier.
Sitting on the second layer of the dais, Jing Ke was still holding on his jade wine funnel and gulping down fine wine endlessly, as if he didn't notice Qin Qingshui playing a game of knocking forehead on the hard floor. A middle-aged scholar was sitting beside Jing Ke. He had a casual and elegant bearing and looked intelligent. His eyes were half-opened, as his gaze was on a pair of white jade chopsticks held in his hand. He didn't say anything. On the other side of Jing Ke was a middle-aged general, clad in black armor and had his hair worn in a bun

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