My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife MYCEC

Author: I Love Mermaid

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1014 The Shameless Black Puppy 4 months ago

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"The Blood Demon Fruits are in my hands. Take them if you can," Wind-Edge Demon King laughed and said arrogantly.
His arrogance was deliberately exaggerated to irritate Tianjian Zhao and the Blood Demon Elder, making them assume he took all the fruits.
After saying these words, Wind-Edge Demon King turned into a whirlwind and ran to the north like a black flash of lightning.
Seeing Wind-Edge Demon King running away, Tianjian Zhao and the Blood Demon Elder were shocked. They hurriedly activated their movement techniques and chased after him for the Blood Demon Fruits.
After a while, all three of them vanished into the distance, and it returned to silence outside the cave. But the cracked rocks and woods showed the aftermath of the intense fight here just now.
After the three masters left, Qingfeng Li and the rest came out, walking towards the Spirit King Graveyard by the center under the lead of Black Puppy.
Qingfeng Li was at the exterior of Kunlun Mountain; to reach the center,

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