My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife MYCEC

Author: I Love Mermaid

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1015 Horrifying Man-Eating Flower 4 months ago

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Black Puppy had swallowed the Blood Python King's and the Leopard King's Demonic Pills, and his strength had significantly increased. His body became a bit larger, and the fur on his body became shinier and darker, like black pine needles.
Black Puppy was familiar with the forbidden district of the Kunlun Mountains and under his guidance, Qingfeng Li and the others traveled through the exterior section smoothly and entered the interior mountains.
Although they encountered some Demonic Beasts, those unfortunate monsters were either beheaded by Qingfeng's sword, or scared away by Black Puppy's aura.
Although Black Puppy was shameless, he had a strong repressive aura that affected lower leveled demonic beasts.
Moments later, everyone had arrived at the interior section of the Kunlun Mountains.
Just as they enter the interior, Qingfeng was shocked as he felt a lot of powerful auras here. Each one was stronger than the one before, and there were even several Earthly Spirit Realm demoni

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