My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife MYCEC

Author: I Love Mermaid

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All the self-cultivators became jealous and greedy when they saw Qingfeng Li pick the heart spirit fruit.
They were all tempted to snatch the heart spirit fruit, but they held back when they thought of Qingfeng Li's terrifying attack power.
On the side, the Blaze Sect's sect master's face turned livid, as did Binghuang Dao and Yihuang Shou's.
They were Qingfeng Li's biggest enemies and wanted to fight him. However, they stopped when they saw what Bingbing Sha looked like.
Qingfeng Li glanced at them coldly and left.
Qingfeng Li wanted Linger Yao to wake up as soon as possible, so he didn't go after the sect master of the Blaze Sect.
If he didn't have to rescue Linger Yao right away, Qingfeng Li would have killed these people for sure.
Qingfeng Li's speed was fast, and he ran out of the Dragon-Tiger Valley.
At this time, outside of the valley, Xianxian Mu was hugging Linger Yao.
"Big Brother Li, you are way too spectacular!" Xianxian Mu looked at Qingfeng Li with adoration as s

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