My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife MYCEC

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1659 Borrowing the Emperor Level Vitality Stones 1 week ago

Translator: NoodleTownEditor: NoodleTown

Although Yafei Chen raised the price of the dragon bone to one million and one hundred thousand emperor level vitality stones, Qingfeng Li would not give up so easily.
It was a dragon bone, a bone left by a godly dragon! Once Qingfeng Li obtains it, his physique would improve by leaps and bounds.
Qingfeng Li raised the wooden paddle in his hand and said, without any hesitation, "One million, two hundred thousand."
Seeing Qingfeng Li and Yafei Chen fighting for the white bone, the Crown Prince tried to grasp at a plan, his eyes moving unsteadily around the room. To become the Crown Prince of the country of Lingyun wasn't easy. Naturally, he was not a simpleton and had his own strategies.
He had already learned that this white bone was a rare treasure. Otherwise, Yafei Chen would not spend a fortune to fight for it. That price had already exceeded the cost of the Spirit Monarch Broken Diagram.
The Crown Prince also raised his wooden paddle and called, "One million, th

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