My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife MYCEC

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1660 Acquiring the Dragon Bone 1 week ago

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Yafei Chen finally agreed to her daughter and decided to continue the bidding for the white bone because she believed in her daughter's Heavenly Eye.
It was her daughter's Heavenly Eye that helped the Spiritual Treasure Pavilion become a major force on the Crimson Fire Continent.
She had once discovered a monarch-grade material with which they forged a monarch-grade spiritual treasure. After the spiritual treasure was bought by a Spirit Monarch realm master, the name of the Spiritual Treasure Pavilion was known all over the mainland.
Many self-cultivators went to them to purchase powerful spiritual treasures, bringing them business and helping them become extremely rich.
Yafei Chen stood up and raised the wooden paddle in her hand, saying loudly, "I offer 2.5 million emperor-grade vitality stones."
Qingfeng Li frowned and a flash of chilling light appeared in his eyes since he clearly remembered Yafei Chen had given it up.
But she increased her bidding price after the little girl

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