Tales of Herding Gods

Tales of Herding Gods ToHG

Author: Zhai Zhu

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Translator: NinetalesEditor: Ninetales

On the bridge, the past human emperors had weird expressions. Village Chief had told them that he had made up overlord body, which was a white lie used to motivate Qin Mu, this mortal body, to work hard. And they had believed him.
Yet at the same realm, Human Emperor Qi Kang was actually at a disadvantage from the first move. Afterward, he was beaten up to a point that no mortal body should be able to do with just hard work!
How could it be possible for a mortal body to rely only on hard work to beat a human emperor to such a point?
Because of that, even the past human emperors couldn't help doubting if overlord body truly didn't exist in the world.
On the bridge, Human Emperor Yi Shan's vital qi transformed into a huge hand and poked Human Emperor Qi Kan, who was floating downstream, with a snow white finger that looked like jade.
Human Emperor Qi Kang lay with his arms spread out and stared at the sky with wide eyes. He was motionless, and after being poked, he sank into the wat

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