Tales of Herding Gods

Tales of Herding Gods ToHG

Author: Zhai Zhu

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503 Legend of Overlord Body 1 week ago

Translator: NinetalesEditor: Ninetales

The other human emperors had weird expressions, and they were all silent.
Tuo Yu was always the most reliable one among them, and his attainments in algebra were known to be unmatched in the world. Yet against Overlord Body Qin, mistakes actually showed up even with his algebra attainments.
When facing an 'overlord body' like Qin Mu, any mistake could result in total humiliation!
For precaution, they would rather not trust Human Emperor Tuo Yu's calculations.
Human Emperor Tuo Yu was angered and jumped down the bridge. "You guys don't trust me? Can I still be wrong? I'll go down and cripple this brat for all of you to see!"
"Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force!"
On the bridge, Second Ancestor said calmly, "Look, I said his calculations were wrong, right? Now he's floating. If we believed him, the ones floating now would be us."
Third Ancestor and the other past emperors had the same sentiments. Human Emperor Qing Ning popped his head out and rejoiced at the other's

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