Tales of Herding Gods

Tales of Herding Gods ToHG

Author: Zhai Zhu

4.6 (682 ratings)

868 The Son of Heaven Duke 5 days ago

Translator: NinetalesEditor: Ninetales

In the split second that the killing intent of these gods and devils emerged, the first devil god had already collapsed. His eyes were initially bursting with life, but in a split second, his eyes became empty and hollow. All the life in his eyes had vanished.
His corporeal body was still undamaged, yet his breathing had stopped instantly. It was as though some terrifying force had emptied out his primordial spirit in that instant, letting him die incomparably quickly!
It was just that the other gods and devils were still pouncing towards Qin Mu, so no one had noticed yet.
However, in the next instant, the eyes of the second devil god dulled, his sprinting figure having collapsed. In another instant, it was a third devil god, and then a fourth devil god...
When the devil god who had reached Qin Mu first burst out his divine art, behind him came the sounds of the gods and devils collapsing.
He turned his head to look behind him with a blank gaze.
The rulers of each northern heaven

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