The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe

The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe TSAOM

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After he had thoroughly examined the Magical Tao Mirror, Minghe was more delighted than before. Similar to the God-killing Spear, the Magical Tao Mirror was also a Growth-type Spiritual Treasure. The difference was that the growing condition of the Magical Tao Mirror was so perverse that Minghe could not bear it. Now, the only thing Minghe could do was be very cautious in his actions.
With the perverse Magical Tao Mirror, he could spend some time to tease out his laws of martial arts. Since becoming the Rakshasa, he felt that his cultivation skills and laws of martial arts were deficient. Now, with the help of the Magical Tao Mirror, he would make up for all his deficiencies. Otherwise, he could not succeed in achieving the Great Way with unsteady cultivation.
In the Chaos, people did not count the years. Thus, it could be an instant or thousands of years. Minghe sat cross-legged in the Chaos, with a Cloud of Blessings above him. The swaying Three Flowers was very striking, like a beacon in the endless darkness. In the Three Flowers, his Three Separations practiced respectively. Minghe was like a bottomless black hole. The endless Air of Chaos sucked in by him was like a vortex i

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