The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe

The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe TSAOM

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The man was Hongjun. In Untainted Land, besides Minghe, only Liu Er, Tongtian, and Hongjun had reached the Realm of Origin. Liu Er could not possibly come here. Sect Leader Tongtian had separated himself from the Way of Heaven, but he still needed time to restore his cultivation. Hence, the man was just Hongjun. Minghe knew that Hongjun could go to the Chaos anytime based on his cultivation, despite he had no idea about the condition of Hongjun's injury after his separation from the Way of Heaven.
To Minghe's surprise, Hongjun could find him. Consciously or unconsciously, Minghe was a little afraid of Hongjun. Hongjun's cultivation was profound. Meanwhile, he was the incarnation of the Rakshasa's remnant soul. Thus, he knew something about the Chaos and fully grasped Rakshasa.
Minghe had no idea of Hongjun's intention. He had no association with Hongjun. Instead, he bore a grudge against Hongjun. Minghe dashed Hongjun's plan of swallowing the Way of Heaven, and Hongjun framed Minghe for many times. This was that 'courtesy' demands reciprocity. Perhaps their meeting in the Chaos was predestined.
Minghe looked at Hongjun and said coldly, "Not leisure at all. I just rest for a bit

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