The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe

The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe TSAOM

Author: God loves the world

3.7 (499 ratings)

401 Refinement of Formation 11 months ago

Translator: TransnEditor: Transn_IOL

In the Starry Sky Region, Giant Beasts of Starry Sky with their body practice at the peak of the Fate Realm were of overlord level. Although there were some beasts of A Half Step to the Supreme Realm, they were very few. Moreover, most of them concealed in the deepest place of the starry sky, so almost nobody would venture into such a place.
In the Starry Sky Region, Giant Beasts of Starry Sky absorbed countless Power of Stars to strengthen their bodies. Even if they had profound cultivations, they seemed to dislike shapeshift. Hence, the strength of a Giant Beast of Starry Sky could be judged from its shape. For example, the beast before Minghe's eyes was as large as a small star, so it could be judged that it was a Giant Beast of Starry Sky at the peak of the Fate Realm.
The beast laid in the starry sky and absorbed the all the Power of Stars around, forming a peculiar landscape like a vortex of stars. The nearby starry sky covering an area of hundreds of millions of miles seemed t

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