The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe

The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe TSAOM

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The idea clung to Minghe's mind since its inception. The Star Tree of the Origin had been growing in the Starry Sky Region for many hundreds of millions of years. Anyone who had laid a finger on it was dead, with no exception. The limit on the Star Tree of the Origin could kill anyone, including experts at the Half Step to the Supreme Realm.
Though Hongjun had secret weapons and Fated Chances on the Battlefield of Gods and Demons as well, few would believe he could get the Star Tree of the Origin. Hongjun was at the Middle Stage of the Fate Realm and only had a few Spiritual Treasures of Chaos, which could not compete with those at the Half Step to the Supreme Realm at all.
Hongjun's plan for the tree should be a total failure. Minghe should have set aside those thoughts right away, but he did not. He actually believed in them. People would consider him crazy if they found that out.
But Minghe really was a crazy man. In Untainted Land, he would turn into a Rakshasa. He would bear the Divine Punishment with his body. Under his enemies' noses, he could pass tribulation. In the presence of the Way of Heaven, he could slaughter a Sage. Moreover, he would swallow the Origin when Unta

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