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Silent Crown

Silent Crown SC

Author: Feng Yue

4.23 (260 ratings)

241 Why Not Just Hit Him 5yr

Translator: Nyoi_Bo_StudioEditor: Nyoi_Bo_Studio

The next day at the palace, the doors opened slowly under the heavy ringing of the morning nine o’clock bell. A low-key, but elegant carriage drove out.
All guards before the palace gates lowered onto one knee to welcome the carriage. Before them was a silent giant. The knight was clad in a metallic armor of black steel. Its features were sharp and menacing but the body was thin rather than burly, making it seem abnormally agile.
This was the divine armor passed down through the Round Table Knights. Contrary to other heavy armor, this one was not paired with large weapons such as spears or shields. It only had a sword.
The cross-shaped sword hung at the knight’s waist. Precious stones and diamond pieces were inlaid in the hilt. It looked like a gorgeous and finely made piece of art rather than a killing weapon for the battleground.
The carriage stopped beside it. The knight lowered onto one knee and lowered his head politely. The sound of metal grating was like weak thunder.

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