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Silent Crown

Silent Crown SC

Author: Feng Yue

4.23 (260 ratings)

369 Something Flying in the Sky! 5yr

Translator: Nyoi_Bo_StudioEditor: Nyoi_Bo_Studio

After a period of time that was not long but felt like eternity, Ye Qingxuan finally heard a raspy voice say, "Ye Qingxuan, it's your turn."
He was instantly tied up and covered in shackles and chains. As if he was the source of some pollution, he was also covered in two layers of what looked like body bags. Then he was carried by two strange demi-dragons to the altar. He only realized that he had been locked inside a cellar when he was carried out.
All that remained in Auschwitz was death. Among the corpses, he could see black 'cocoons' everywhere. The sleeping souls within the cocoons were slowly transforming to receive their new life.
After tonight, there would be a new race in the abyss. Hyakume's status amongst the natural catastrophes would rise again. He was close to ruling over the others. If these things really had upper and lower positions, that was.
The demi-dragons carrying him were one of the abyss races. This race had appeared hundreds of years ago in the Dark World.

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